Vision and Mission


Mankachar College aspires to provide affordable and excellent holistic educational opportunities to the poor students and women folk of the socially and economically backward, rural international border area, to inculcate within them critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, leadership, cultural awareness, moral and ethical values, to make them skilled and competent for job market as well as self-employment and above all to mould them as good human beings and good citizens of the country and thereby contributing towards National development. The motto of our college is “inclusive higher-education”, which means higher-education for those who have traditionally been excluded. And the college is satisfying its motto since its inception, by imparting education to the men and women belonging to this backward rural border area, most of whom are the first generation learners of their families.


The College was established with the motto of “inclusive higher-education” in the sense that higher education could be spread among all the students belonging to socially, economically and educationally backward rural international border region. Thus, the mission of the college is to fulfil its motto by making the college a centre of holistic education to prepare the students proficient for their future life and thereby build a strong nation, for which the college strives

  • To spread higher education among the aspiring students in general and the youths of this backward rural area in particular.
  • To provide opportunities for higher education to women folk in diverse fields
  • To make the young men and women of these rural area to enjoy equal opportunities with the rest of the people in the country.
  • To build a place of transformation for education, research and innovation with an analytical approach.
  • To create an environment for the intellectual, ethical, moral and physical upliftment of the local poor people mostly belonging to minority communities.