It is important for every educational institution to have a gymnasium so that students can exercise and build a strong physique. Students who are physically active have a stronger immune system. Exercising regularly enhances the body and mind of students and keeps them away from all sorts of distractions, relieves them from stress and fatigue and also improves their focus and attention. The all-round development of students has been treated with utmost priority. With this objective in view, Mankachar College has established a gym within the campus. The availability of a gym within the campus has motivated the students to work out and exercise regularly.

A room has been allotted in the college as the gym with some of the basic equipments. The Gym has Treadmills, Flat Utility Bench, Adj. Utility Bench, Spin Bike, Weightlifting, Dumbbell, Barbell, etc. The gym is open for students from 4PM to 7PM. A good number of students is seen at the gym every day. After the class, they have the opportunity to exercise at the gym.

The college is glad and privileged to offer this facility to its students. The Gymnasium has been creating an awareness of health and fitness in this periphery area. It will contribute to the larger nation building as a whole.