Extra-Curricular activities are integral part of education. The New Education Policy 2020 has emphasized on the importance of Sports in the curriculum of the educational institutions. Sports are important for both mental and physical well-being of an individual. It helps to develop mental growth and increase the power of reasoning of students. Besides, it can be seen that in national level as well as state level sports competitions, student representatives from various colleges participate and bring name and fame to the college. Therefore, the student community must be involved in the field of sports.

Mankachar College promotes participation of students in various sport competitions and provides indoor as well as outdoor sport facilities. The college has a Volleyball Court, a Basketball Court and a Badminton Court. Due to shortage of enough land area, the college uses the nearby playground of J.M.H.S School for Football, Cricket and Running practices and competitions. The college has all the basic equipments necessary for outdoor games viz, Sun hat, cricket cap or baseball cap, spiked shoes, abdominal guard, cricket balls, cricket bat for cricket; ball and net for volleyball; basketball shoes, player uniform, knee pads for basketball; shuttlecock, racket and net for badminton etc.The college doesn’t have an indoor stadium as yet but has a separate room where the indoor game equipments are arranged. The college has equipments of Table tennis, Carom, Chess, Chinese checkers etc.

Every year the college organized Annual Sports where all the outdoor and indoor games along with Javelin throw, Discus throw, Shot Put throw etc. are conducted. The College also organizes sport events like Football, Cricket and Volleyball on Independence Day and Republic Day. All these events play an important role to bring discipline in life, teaches the values of dedication and tolerance and a sense of harmony and understanding among the students of the College.