Women Study Cell

Research Cell

Higher Educational Institutions are expected to create and disseminate knowledge to people through faculty members and students. Apart from quality teaching learning process, research and innovation also provides valuable contribution toward the achievement of the goal. Research opens up different opinions, new ideas, develops critical thinking, builds analytical skills and thus develops problem solving methodologies. Mankachar College established a research cell to enhance the research capacity, provide a creative atmosphere, develop a research culture and to create awareness and opportunities in research oriented activities among the students and faculty members. The cell acts as a mechanism to monitor the students’ ability to think critically as well as their observation power, intuition etc. and tries to promote them accordingly. Apart from this the cell encourages the faculty members to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research in relevant issues of society and in multidisciplinary fields, enrich in the domain of research publication, take up minor and major research project funded by agencies such as UGC, ICSSR, Universities etc. and to both organise and participate in state, National and International seminar and Workshops.

Composition of the Committee:

The Research cell, Mankachar college, Mankachar is constituted in the annual general meeting of the teachers as follows-
  • Chairperson- Principal of the College (ex-officio)
  • One convener
  • Five members

  • # Name Position
    1. Principal Chairman
    2. Dr Akila Shemim Convener
    3. Dr. S. K, Singh Member
    4. Dr. Firdusa Begum Member
    5. Mr M. R. Kazi Member
    6. Dr. Md. Morsheduzzaman Member