Mankachar College Students' Union (MCSU)


The Mankachar College students’ Union (MCSU) is a general body of the students of the College. The MCSU is concerned with all round welfare of the students and has its own constitution regarding formation and power and functions. Every regular student of the college shall be a member of this union. A regular student who does not have any academic arrears and has at least 75% class attendance shall be eligible for contesting the MCSU election provided that a student can't contest twice. The office bearers of the Union are directly elected by the students every year. The MCSU election is held usually in the last week of October. The Secretaries elected by the students manage different activities and functions under the guidance of teacher in-charge appointed by the principal. The MCSU organizes various co-curricular activities from time to time and during “Annual College Week” of the College. In addition, the MCSU organizes Freshers' Social Ceremony, Farewell Ceremony of outgoing students, Milad-un-Nabi, Sarsawati Puja, Teachers’ Day, National and International Days and other events. Though the MCSU has its own constitution, important circulars, guidelines, orders, etc. of the central and state governments and the affiliating university concerned with the Election and functions of the Students’ Union in Provincialised Colleges are followed as and when necessary. Besides, the College authority has also imposed a few general rules & regulations for maintenance of discipline among the students which are mentioned below –

  • A great emphasis has been laid on discipline and character building and students are expected to maintain a high standard in and outside the college campus. They are subject to the rules and regulations of the college.
  • The student admitted to the college must abide by the rules and regulations as prescribed by the college authority. Violation of the rules, unsatisfactory progress, irregular attendance showing discourtesy to any teaching or non-teaching staff in any from, adoption of unfair means in any examination etc. are some of the offences which may make students liable to disciplinary action like temporary suspension, forced transfer and even expulsion from the college.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Anyone found involved in ragging will be punished as per law.
  • All powers for maintaining discipline are vested with the Principal in all such matters.
  • College Uniform is compulsory for all the students inside the College campus.
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks, intoxicants, smoking, tobacco products like gutkha, etc. is strictly prohibited inside the college campus.
  • Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited and is an offence.