Extension Service Cell

Extension Service Cell

Mankachar College constituted Extension Service Cell to render necessary services to the society for uplifting this economically and socially backward and bordering area. Our college inculcates social values and responsibilities to the faculty members and students by imparting extension activities in the neighborhood for holistic development of the society. Every year, the college adopts a particular village under NSS unit of the college and renders its social services to the community under “Village Adoption Program”. Semester wise some students are engaged in the extension activities which come under the curriculum. National Service Scheme and National Cadet Corps also serve the society through One-day and Special Camp. In addition, outreach programs and invited lectures are also given to the community. Through extension and outreach programs, we sensitize the students to develop social values, widespread their responsibilities and knowledge in societal issues and problems by making them involve with the community people.

Composition of the Cell:

The Extension cell, Mankachar college, Mankachar is constituted in the annual general meeting of the teachers as follows-

  • Chairperson- Principal of the College (ex-officio)
  • One convener- selected from amongst the teachers in a general meeting of the teachers
  • Seven members- selected from amongst the teachers in a general meeting of the teachers

  • # Name Position
    1. Principal Chairman
    2. Prof. Pranay Nath Convener
    3. Muktazur Rahman kazi Member
    4. Dr. Firdusa Begum Member
    5. Prof Dharmo Nath Das Member
    6. Prof. Tapan Kakati Member
    7. Prof. Jogomaya Paul Member
    8. Dr, Akila Shemim Member
    9. Prof. Priyanka Gogoi Member