Cultural Development Cell

Cultural Development Cell

The present learners need to develop their adaptability. For students, only academic progress is not sufficient today. Students must have to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including cultural ones, in order to create a well-rounded personality. The Cultural Cell of Mankachar College was created to encourage our students to participate in various cultural activities.

Cultural Cell of the Mankachar college works with great enthusiasm. The college's students take part in a variety of cultural activities and excel in a variety of areas, including singing, dancing, performing arts, fine arts, literary events etc. Students are continuously encouraged to participate in various activities and given the required direction. Along with encouraging the growth of different artistic and technical abilities among the students, the Culture Cell aims to inculcate and uphold social and national values. The Mankachar College's annual College Week festival offers students a fantastic opportunity to showcase their extracurricular skills. The Cultural Cell has prepared a number of activities so that all pupils can eventually grow a well-groomed personality that allows them to make their bright future.

Composition of the Cell

The Cultural cell, Mankachar college, Mankachar is constituted in the annual general meeting of the teachers as follows-
  • Chairperson- Principal of the College (ex-officio)
  • One convener- selected from amongst the women teachers in a general meeting of the teachers.
  • Six members- selected from amongst the women teachers in a general meeting of the teachers.

  • # Name Position
    1. Principal Chairman
    2. Priyanka Gogoi Convener
    3. Dr. Firdusa Begum Member
    4. Prof Dharmo Nath Das Member
    5. Dr. Md. Morsheduzzaman Member
    6. Prof. Jogomaya Paul Member
    7. Prof. Pranay Nath Member