College Uniform

College Uniform for Students

When everyone's clothes are the same, how you look doesn't matter as much. There is no contest in fashionable dressing. Otherwise, both the students and the parents would have faced great problems with money. It is also protected from possible insults of others. It's really hard to make fun of someone else's outfit by wearing the same outfit. College Uniforms foster a sense of solidarity among students. They place all students on an equal footing, discouraging any sense of superiority or inferiority that may arise amongst students.

It is Compulsory for all boys and girls to wear the prescribed College Uniform. Students who do not conform to the dress codes given below, will not be allowed to attend classes and may also be sent back to home.

College uniform should strictly be as per the Prospectus.

For Boys For Girls
PANT: Carbon Blue SALWAR: Carbon Blue
SHIRT: Blue White Check KAMIZ: Blue White Check
Tie: Carbon Blue DUPATTA: Carbon Blue