About the Library

The Central Library of Mankachar College is learning hub for the users (Teachers, staffs, students) of the college. The library has a rich collection of books, e-resources, magazines, encyclopedia etc. It has more than 35000 books covering different aspects of Arts, humanities and science. Books are being regularly purchased on recommendations of the faculty members. The library is partially automated and digitization process is well under way. Currently library is using integrated library management software SOUL 2.0 and automation process was started in the year 2016. It regularly subscribes four (4) journals and two (2) daily newspapers. The library has separate reading room for the students and faculty members. It has circulation section, reprographic section, internet section. There is one KIOSK machine in the library for OPAC services and one digital notice board for daily notice to the user. Recently library has started ‘book bank’ services for poor needy students. The Central Library remains open from 10.00AM to 4.00 PM on all working days and remains closed on Sundays and other gazette holidays.

Library Staff


Saurav Jyoti Laskar


Mankachar College