ICT Facilities


Being the oldest college in South Salmara Mankachar district, Mankachar College tries it's best to provide quality education. In the rapidly transforming world and with the increasing demand of ICT in teaching-learning process, the college has incorporated ICT tools for effective teaching where necessary. The faculty members have been extensively using ICT tools and techniques for effective and interactive teaching - learning. The college is a Wi-Fi enabled campus with a bandwidth of 5-10 Mbps. Both faculty members and students utilize this facility for academic purposes.

The College has the following ICT tools to be used for quality education -

  • The College has 40 Computers for academic purposes with Wi- fi facility and a computer learning centre which offers short term self-financing courses.
  • One Smart Classroom with audio visual tools and interactive board which is used for teaching relevant topics.
  • One ICT based Conference Hall for holding meeting, departmental seminars, group presentation etc.
  • All the departments have computers with internet connectivity.
  • Printers, Scanner and Xerox facilities are available in the administrative building and the central library of the college.
  • LCD projector, Projector screen, etc. are available for using in the class rooms for effective teaching-learning.
  • One partially automated Central Library and has been using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) SOUL 2.0 since 2016. It has NLIST and J-store membership and subscription under e-Shodh Sindhu. Faculty members and students can use e-resources available on these platforms.
  • The entire College is under CCTV surveillance system. CCTV cameras are installed in all the important rooms of the administrative building, Central Library and in all the classrooms.