Examination Board

Examination Board

Considering the need for holding various examinations in the college smoothly, a committee under the name of and title “Examination Board” was constituted in the college in a general meeting of the teaching staff of the college. This board was constituted with the role and aim of holding all the internal and final examinations in a very systematic manner.

Powers and Functions

  • All the board meeting is be presided over by the principal of the college
  • The board appoints the A.O.C’s for internal as well as council and Gauhati University (GU) examinations.
  • The Board appoints the invigilators for various examinations.
  • The board fixes the amount of remunerations for all appointees for examination works.
  • The Board makes all out efforts to prevent unfair means in the examination halls and to achieve this end; the Board may appoint some senior teachers of the college as supervisors.
  • The Board makes arrangements for appointing some teachers as relievers.
  • The Board sees it that the council and GU instructions are adhered to before sending the name of candidates for final examination.
  • Composition of the board:

    The examination board was constituted in the general meeting of the teachers as under-
  • Chairman- Principal of the College.
  • Convenor- one teacher
  • Members- Four teachers shall be selected as members.

  • # Name Position
    1. Principal Chairman
    2. Dr. Santosh Kr. Singh (HoD, English) Convener
    3. Mr. Dharmo Nath Das Member
    4. Mr. Muktazur Rahman Kazi Member
    5. Dr. Md. Saiful Islam Member
    6. Nur Mohammed Zoddar Member
    7. Akidul Islam Member
    8. Jesmin Begum Member