College Canteen


The College Canteen is an important educational resource. It has an important role in the provision of food to students and college community as well as being an integral part of the college environment.

Mankachar College has a canteen within the premises to facilitate the students, faculty members and visitors. Our Canteen was inaugurated on August 2, 2013 by Dr. Abed Ali, Ex Principal, Mankachar College. The canteen has been running smoothly since then.

At present, the seating capacity of our canteen is 25. Food items like bread, roti-sabji, chole paratha, egg-based items, fried rice etc. are made available at the canteen during breakfast and lunch. It has been kept in mind that the college is located in an economically backward area and the price structure of the menu has been made accordingly. Healthy and tasty food has been made available at a very cheaper price.

Apart from this, packaged food items are also sold in the college canteen. Cakes, Chips, Biscuits etc. are sold. A price list has been displayed. The canteen encourages students to make healthy food choices by avoiding junk food sold outside the campus.

The college management keeps an eye on the hygiene of the food items sold at the canteen.